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The terms of use for this rkincindia website, www.rkincindia.com (the “Website”) operated by RK World Wide. By accessing the Website, you are deemed to agree to the following terms and conditions, the Privacy Policy and any other relevant policies, terms and conditions and notices (collectively referred to as the “Terms of Use”) which are currently applicable or will be applicable to your use of the Website, without qualification.

All prices listed on the Website are, to the best of RK World Wide knowledge. However, the Website may contain inadvertent inaccuracies or typographical errors. These will be corrected at RK World Wide discretion, as they are found.
In addition, all prices listed are subject to change at any time without notice. The information on the Website may be updated regularly so inaccuracies may occur during the process.
RK World Wide reserves the right at any time to charge a fee for access to certain parts of the Website. However, in no event will you be charged for such access unless we obtain your prior agreement to pay.
You acknowledge and agree that any rate or time estimate shown by the Rate Calculator or the Transit Time Estimator or other such tool on the Website for estimating a rate or time is an estimate only and may be different from the actual rates or times for domestic or international carriage of any shipments tendered to RK World Wide. This may be due to a number of causes including, without limitation, actual dimensions of your shipments, local charges and any unanticipated delays in shipping.

Submitted Materials
You may submit material through the Website provided that:
  • You warrant that you own or control all rights (including all intellectual property rights) to any submitted material, and that the submitted material complies with these Terms of Use.
  • You grant RK World Wide a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable and fully transferable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute and display your submitted material throughout the world in any media.
  • You acknowledge there is no obligation of confidentiality in relation to the submitted material.
You may not upload, distribute or otherwise publish any content on this Website that:
  • Infringes the rights of third parties, including without limitation intellectual property rights.
  • Breaches any applicable local, national or international law or regulation or these Terms of Use.
  • Is fraudulent, or has any fraudulent purpose or effect.
  • Is contrary to public policy and/or accepted moral standards, including but not limited to: obscene or offensive messages; pornographic or sexually explicit images; defamatory or libelous material; material harmful to minors; material promoting discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age; material likely to harass, upset, or alarm a third party or cause a third party to harm themselves.
  • Is inconsistent with reasonable use of the Website.

You assume all responsibility for compliance with all laws and regulations of the United States and any other country from which You may access www.rkincindia.com regarding access, use, export, re-export and import of any Content appearing on or available through www.rkincindia.com.
You acknowledge and agree that you will not export or import any Content to any country to which export or import is restricted under United States law, that You are not a national of any such country, you are not a Denied Party listed on the U.S. Denied Persons List, you are not a Special Designated National on the U.S. Treasury Department's list of Specially Designated Nationals, and that the Content will not be used in the design, development or production of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

Terms of Carriage.
  • Customer agrees that domestic and international carriage by RK World Wide of any shipments tendered to RK World Wide using SHIP MANAGER shall be in accordance with the terms, conditions and limitations of liability set out on the NONNEGOTIABLE Air Waybill, Label, Manifest, or Pick-Up Record (collectively "Shipping Documentation") and as appropriate any transportation agreement between Customer and RK World Wide covering such shipment and in any applicable tariff, Service Guide or Standard Conditions of Carriage, copies of which are available upon request, and which are incorporated into this Agreement by reference. If there is a conflict between the Shipping Documentation and any such document then in effect or this Agreement, the transportation agreement, tariff, Service Guide, Standard Conditions of Carriage, or this Agreement will control, in that order of priority. If a shipment originates outside, the contract of carriage is with the RK World Wide subsidiary, branch, or independent contractor who originally accepts the shipment. Your use of Global Trade Manager shall not alter Your responsibility for the preparation and accuracy of shipping documentation including import/export forms.
  • In the event Customer uses SHIP MANAGER to process shipments tendered to RK World Wide for delivery to locations outside the United States or country of shipment origin, Customer will, at Customer's sole expense, assure that the terms and conditions of international carriage supplied by RK World Wide from time to time (and which may be amended or modified from time to time at RK World Wide sole discretion) are placed on the Shipping Documentation as may be instructed by RK World Wide , for all such international shipments. Customer will defend, indemnify and hold harmless RK World Wide , its officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any and all losses, damages, claims and other items of cost and expense arising out of Customer's failure to apply the international carriage terms to the Shipping Documentation for such international shipments, including without limitation claims from the recipient of any shipment, and Customer's failure to follow RK World Wide instructions in regard to the placement of the terms on the Shipping Documentation for such international shipments.
  • Printed Signature. Customer acknowledges that if SHIP MANAGER is used to process shipments to locations outside the United States or country of shipment origin, Customer must enter the name of the person completing the Shipping Documentation to print in lieu of its manual signature on the Shipping Documentation, as applicable, for all shipments tendered by Customer to RK World Wide using SHIP MANAGER. Customer further acknowledges that such printed name shall be sufficient to constitute the Customer's signature, and Customer's acceptance of RK World Wide terms and conditions of carriage contained in the applicable transportation agreement, tariff, Service Guide, Standard Conditions, or Shipping Documentation, under which the shipment is accepted by RK World Wide , or its independent contractor.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, the shipper's address indicated on the face of any Shipping Documentation is the place of execution and the place of departure and the recipient's address listed on the face of the Shipping Documentation is the place of destination. Unless otherwise indicated on the face of the Shipping Documentation the first carrier of all shipments is RK World Wide Express.

Courtesy Rate Quote
The courtesy rate reflected by the Courtesy Rate Quote on RK World Wide Ship Manager, if shown, may be different than the actual charges for Your shipment. Differences may occur based on actual weight, dimensions, and other factors. Consult the applicable RK World Wide Service Guide or the RK World Wide Rate Sheets for details on how shipping charges are calculated.

You may not upload, distribute or otherwise publish any content on this Website that:
In order to facilitate delivery or release of a shipment, RK World Wide may, at its sole discretion, offer certain delivery options and functionality to residential Recipients through RK World Wide Delivery Manager. As a condition for approval to register for and use RK World Wide Delivery Manager, Recipient agrees to these terms:
  • Recipient represents and warrants that Recipient: resides at the address provided for enrollment; is authorized to enroll and receive shipments at the address; will only register for himself/herself; will only register nicknames that are associated with Recipient’s name and identity; is 13 years of age or older.
  • For each shipment, Recipient represents and warrants that Recipient is authorized by the Shipper to use or request the RK World Wide Delivery Manager options and functionality.
  • Recipient agrees to pay any fees associated with RK World Wide Delivery Manager options that are offered by RK World Wide for a fee. See Rates in the RK World Wide Service Guide for details.
  • The contract of carriage governed by the RK World Wide Terms and Conditions or the RK World Wide Ground Tariff in the RK World Wide Service Guide shall at all times remain with the Shipper, as that term is defined in the RK World Wide Service Guide, and nothing in these RK World Wide Delivery Manager Terms shall be construed to create a contract of carriage with the Recipient. RK World Wide Delivery Manager options and functionality, including those offered for a fee to the Recipient, are governed solely by the terms in this RK World Wide Delivery Manager section of the www.rkincindia.com Terms of Use..